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  • Accurate Level and Inventory Information

    EIP 3D Level Transmitter provides accurate information on Level, Volume and 3D Profile of material stored in the bin for the operator to take an informed decision without a hassle

  • Bulk Solids and Powders to Molten Metal

    EIP's revolutionary solutions provide accurate level information for Bulk Solids and Powders but also for Molten Metal level measurement

Changing the Market from Level to Volume

Since its establishment, EIP has been able to build its reputation in field of design/ manufacturing and supply of accurate and reliable Point Level Measurement and Inventory Management Systems which have proven to be in satisfactory operation under harsh environments. We aim to provide not only stable operating system but also to re-engineer equipment and systems, as per the needs of the customers. This has been possible due to our vast experience in the field backed by constant technological development and absorption of new technologies developed worldwide.

3D Level Scanner

Designed to provide accurate and reliable Level, Volume Mass and 3D Profile of material inside the silo

3D Stockpile Management

Provides accurate inventory of open and closed yards with advanced 3D Laser technology

Ultrasonic Density Meter

Non contact Clamp On Ultrasonic Density meter providing unmatched accuracy for Liquid and Slurry applications

140 GHz Radar Level Transmitter

World’s highest operating frequency for Radar Level Transmitter with beam angle of 2 Degrees only

Knife Gate Valves

It have proven to be satisfactory under harsh conditions and waste water treatment plants.

Liquid Flow Measurement

Accurate and reliable liquid flow measurement for pipes of various sizes with battery operated GSM options

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