3D Stockpile Laser Scanner

The 3D laser Scanner gets mounted on the top of the stacker/ reclaimer machine and scans the entire stockpile to provide a real time 3D Profile and Volume of the Stockyard as the machine is in operation, thus allowing for accurate inventory management with real time Volume, Mass and 3D Profile of the Stockpile. The system can further be extended to provide Anti-Collision, Yard Management and a complete manless machine operation. 

Our Stacker / Reclaimer Machine mounted Laser Scanners with an association with Triple-In, Germany and Lynx Process, Brazil is in operation in the biggest iron ore mine in the World that is Carajas Vale, Brazil for Providing:

  1. Volume and 3D Profile of the Stockpile in Real Time Dynamically
    • 3D Laser Type
  2. Anti- Collision of the Machinery
  3. Material Tracking on the Belts
  4. Quality Report (Different grades of Coal marked with different colour on the stockpile).
  5. Manless Operation of the Stacker Machine where 1 operator can control 6-8 machines and movement of machine happens without any manual intervention
  6. Complete Yard Management System

The 3D laser scanner gets mounted on the top of the stacker machine  to give real time 3D Profile and Volume of the Stockyard as the machine is in operation, thus allowing for accurate inventory management with real time Volume, Mass and 3D Profile of the Stockpile.

  • Coal Stockpiles

  • Coke Stockpiles

  • Lignite Stockpiles

  • Gypsum Stockpiles

  • Limestone Stockpiles

  • Iron Ore Stockpiles

  • Bauxite Stockpiles

  • Urea Stockpiles

  • Cement Stockpiles

  • Other Stockpiles

Preferred Applications: Open yard measurement with moving machines

Type : 3D Laser​

Measuring Range: 360 meters

Process Temperatures: -40°to +80°C

Process Pressure: Always installed in Atmospheric Pressure

Signal Output: TCP-IP 

Supply Voltage: 20 to 32 VDC (110/ 230 VAC through SMPS)

  • 3D Laser Scanner Catalogue – Click here to download

  • Laser Module Technical data sheet – Click here to download

  • Some installation results – Click here to download