Revolution for Coal Bunkers

3D Level Scanner

3D Level Scanner solves a critical problem

Case Definition :

In one of the reputed power plants of India, the biggest challenge faced was rat holes and bridging inside the Coal Bunkers and not to ignore the uneven profile at all times. Rat holes even gave birth to a casualty wherein hot gases were steaming up from the perfect rat hole.

Solution :

3D Acoustic Level Scanner working on acoustic technology and having a beam angle of 70 degree covers the entire surface area of the material inside the bunker and provides a real time output of Maximum Level, Minimum Level, Average Level,Volume, Mass and Real time 3D Profile of Coal Storage (like in the in picture above). Moreover, the revolutionary Self Cleaning technology of the 3D Level Scanner helps it work in the most dusty and harsh environment. 


The success story of the 3D Level Scanner in the above plant lives up until now for more than 5 years running without a hitch in 18 Coal Bunkers.